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Timeout: A Bucket List of Things To do in Las Vegas
4 months ago


Are you still figuring out what to do in Las Vegas? If you are planning to experience a wedding with a gunshot, a rough weekend trip with friends and family, believe it or not, a week or two is not enough to enjoy every single thing in Las Vegas. From amazing Vegas sceneries to the finest Las Vegas shows and the luxurious Las Vegas restaurants to dine when you need to recharge, this city is fully-packed with jaw-dropping adventures. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and explore the life in Las Vegas and don't miss the chance of a lifetime.


Together with the veterans who seem to haven't left their seats a decade already, you will find them in the 50-year old Las Vegas casinos. One of these casinos is the Caesar's Palace which remains an icon. Another legendary icon o the casino world in Las Vegas is the Golden Nugget, where you can test your prowess with unknown, yet veteran casino players in the city.


You may also be able to spot a star having a concert in The Strip. There are several bands and artists that set up concerts in Vegas that give the audiences a more intimate encounter with them. When you come to visit the city, check first the internet of the possible artists and bands who will be putting a show on your scheduled visit dates. Some of the previous artists who already made the Las Vegas alive and wild are Elton John, Bruno Mars, Celine Dion, Backstreet Boys and many more.

Another never-to-miss experience when visiting Las Vegas is their $10 million wine collection in the Strip, the Rio Wine Cellar and Tasting Room. This place includes a collection of wines from Chateau d'Yquem. Don't miss to sip from this million dollar wine stocks.


When you come to pass by the Downtown of Las Vegas, you would surely feel the taste of Las Vegas Jeep Tours and witness the wonderful and expressive wall paintings which only started as a festival in Downtown Las Vegas last 2013, but now an annual activity that invites international artists and muralists just to fill the city walls with art galleries.


Another place to be after you get Jeep Rental Las Vegas is the Hoover Dam having a 726-foot-high curving cement on its side. It took almost 5 years with 21,000 men just to finish this great dam, and I believe it is worth dropping by to see the glorious fruit of all their labor.


I bet there are still a lot of things to wander off in Las Vegas. Don't stop until you have marked the last item from your Las Vegas bucket list. Discover more here: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/anamika-ojha/things-to-do-in-las-vegas_1_b_9324254.html.

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